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Week 4

Wow, what a week! We have had a fantastic week here in year 3, this week. 


We have been looking at paragraphs in our writing and identifying how these will help us in our 'Dear Teacher' letters. On Tuesday, we had a swap round with our spellings and looked at the plural rules ... who knew the plural of sheep was sheep?! We are going to put these plural rules into practise next week! 


In our maths, we have been dividing by 3 and comparing statements, which has helped us recall our learning from year too. We were given some really tricky challenges this week with comparing statements, but the children did brilliantly. We are really trying to focus on deepening the children's thinking with our challenges. 


In our PSHE lesson on Monday, we were looking at feelings and emotions. We were working in pairs and had to show a feeling or emotion using only actions. We had some great fun working these out! 


In Geography, we have continued with our map work, using the atlas and looking at the map of Europe. 


Have a great week!