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Week 2 updates!

It has been a busy, busy week in year 3 this week. 


Our 'Where's Miss Leaver' topic took us to Manchester! We could tell from the photos I took that we were in Manchester as some of us recognised the sites. We used out map skills to navigate the route that was taken as well as identifying landmarks in Manchester. We also began to locate and identify cities around the UK.... 


Our writing has been brilliant this week; we have been doing postcards! The amount of postcards we have received this week has been extremely exciting and it's great the children are transferring their skills home too. We have published out own postcards and we have something very exiting planned for our writing next .... 


In Maths we have been extending our knowledge on fractions. We can identify fractions on a timeline, tenths and also know that 5/10 is the same as 1/2. 


During our Science sessions we have been learning about light and dark and some of us were lucky enough to begin to explore shadows using torches. 


On Friday we had our friends from Buckstones Primary School come and visit us. We created posters on our favourite memories so far linking up with Buckstones. We then went over to forest school with Mr Butterworth and had lots of fun over there. We had toasted marshmallows and toast ... some of us were surprised the toast tasted like real toast!!!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Leaver, Mrs McDonald and Miss Hunt