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Walk Like An Egyptian!

During our 'Walk Like an Egyptian' topic we will discovered the great Pharaohs of Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza, the gifts of the Nile, Mummification and Life in Ancient Egypt. We have been listening to Egyptian meditation music and looking at Artefacts thinking about what life would have been like living in Ancient Egypt.

Year 3 performed in a world class assembly showing all that we had learnt. We got to meet the Pharoah, Cleopatra, Anubis the God of Mummification and a real life mummy. (Don't worry, it was only Jack!)

Monday 23rd May - I hope you enjoyed our Egyptian Workshop! Tony North gave us a real insight into the Gods and heiroglyphics that were used in Ancient times.

Well done on making your Sarcophagus cases! They look brill. Check out the photos!!!

Very well done for a BRILLIANT topic. I have learnt so much (especially from reading through your INCREDIBLE Information text - Powerpoint presentations!)                  
                                    What a clever bunch!