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Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely half term.

We have had a great start to this half term already! 


In our literacy this week we have been learning the alphabet forwards, backwards and random and developing our dictionary skills to be able to successfully up level our writing further. 


In our maths it's all been about the number '3'. We have been learning to multiply by 3, divide by 3 and learn our 3 times tables through song, and through games. 


We also introduced our new topic for the half term which is about the Stone Age. 


With Remembrance Day coming up we have been covering this in Guided Reading and learning all about The Christmas Truce. We were blown away by the children's responses. They have really responded well to the clip and were dying to watch it all! They had made their predictions on Monday and then were pleasantly surprised when the clip ended! 

Isabel even said she wasn't surprised as that is all what Christmas is about - sharing. (We had to move swiftly on at that point due to something being in our eyes!)


On Wednesday, we had a visitor in our class. As a school, it was Road Safety Day and the children were learning all about being safe when near the roads- the children were really engaged during the presentation and remembered it from when they were in Year 1 which is fantastic! 


Parents evening is to take place next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The children have been sent home with their reports on Wednesday with letters about parents evening. 


Homework sheets have been sent out with the children on Thursday, there is a reminder about the homework for parents on the year 3 home page. 


Have a fantastic weekend - we can't wait for next week!