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Week 2

We have had a really busy week this week in year 2!

It has been World Book Day and we have produced some amazing work in our maths and writing sessions!

Here is what we thought of this week:


I really enjoyed World Book Day - Aadam

I enjoyed working out the fractions this morning - Jaycie

I enjoyed doing the posters with Miss Hunt  on World Book Day - Isabel

I liked World Book Day because we worked in a carousel - Yaseen and Caitlyn

I liked doing fractions with the links and cubes - Max

I liked doing the bookmarks on World Book Day - Gracie, Louie, Lucas, Georgie and Sebastian

I enjoyed doing the ice experiment on World Book Day - Owen

I liked working out the fractions because they were all linked to division - Rafael

I liked making my fractions this week - Warrick

I liked writing my Ranger Rob recount because I knew what to write - Leyton