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Week 3 updates

The children have been so focused this week and really pushed themselves in their learning.


In our reading into writing, they have been drafting a report on a 'mechanimals' which they have created, thinking about how they looks, what job roles they could have and the kind of diet that they need. They have produced some wonderful pieces of writing and we can't wait to publish them next week. 


In our maths this week, we are getting to the end of our area and perimeter topic. We have been focusing on area and they have been challenging themselves with some really hard compound shapes. Even though they haven't found this easy they have remained focused and worked through their challenges.


We have been doing lots of group work for our topic. The children have been comparing and spotting the differences between a town in 1750 and a town in 1900. They created posters highlighting the differences and discussed the impact of these changes on the towns. Next week, we are going to start to looking at Manchester in more detail, as our city changed dramatically throughout the industrial revolution. They will be doing some map work and towards the end of the week we will be looking at some Lowry paintings. 


We hope you have a lovely week!


Mrs Walker and Mr Webster