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Week 2

Here we are nearly at the end of another busy week in Year 6.


In our writing this week we have been exploring the book Rose Blanche set in World War 2 telling the story of a young German girl and how she sees the war. We will then be writing a setting description based on the information we have read and pictures we have seen. Year 6 have asked some brilliant questions based around the war and it is clear they are loving this topic.


In reading we have been continuing reading the book ‘Wonder’ about a young boy with a facial disfigurement starting a mainstream school for the first time.


As part of our maths we have been motoring through activities and problems related to place value and also developing our arithmetic skills.


We have also had fun making fossils with Mrs Bingham as she has started to teach year 6 the interesting topic of evolution. We discussed the fact that fossils can tell us important information about the past so we can start to see how important scientists, like Charles Darwin, made important discoveries.


In PE the class showed amazing teamwork skills. We had to create a game for KS1 children to enjoy and develop key skills in PE. We were only given limited equipment and worked as a team to put together our ideas. 


We can see our trip to Robinwood on the horizon and are starting to get excited about the experiences and memories we will make there.


Year 6 homework will be put onto Seesaw on a Friday and expected to be uploaded back the following Thursday.