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Week One

WOW! What a busy week it's been! Please see below our pupil voice about what Year 2 have loved doing this week in their learning:


I enjoyed solving maths challenges that were written on Jenga bricks! (Warrick)

I liked it when we created our pop art bear pictures! (Owen)

I liked it on the first day back when we did our topic carousel - we got to use the globes and we found different continents! (Jaycie)

I liked doing our number bonds to 10 and 100 - nearly everyone has got it! Woop! (Mr Butterworth)

I enjoyed making the poppies for our Remembrance garden. (Leyton)

I liked making my number bonds poster - we did it to 10 and 100! (Rafael)

I liked our Wow carousel on Monday! (Aadam)

I enjoyed the afternoon activities when we got to describe the winter picture! (Lucas)

I liked using the iPads to research different penguins! (Harley)

I liked reading books in the carousel and writing on my post it note what I liked about the book! (Isabel)

I liked our maths carousel when we made our number bonds to 10! (Yaseen)

I enjoyed colouring my pop art bears in! (Evie)

I liked the topic carousel when we got to choose different books to read! (Caitlyn)

I liked reading the Poles Apart story! (Louie)