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Week 2

This week in year 6 has been anti bullying week and we have spent a long time both in class and assembly discussing our interpretation of the word RESPECT. On one extremely long piece of paper we gave our interpretation of the respect and could choose to display it how we wanted. We had a circle time in class around the topic of bullying and also sent a thankyou card to another member of the class to thank them for a gesture they had witnessed during the week. 


In literacy we have been exploring the captivating story of Rose Blanche and have had some fantastic discussions around this emotive text to help us prepare for our next genre of writing. 


In maths we have been working with factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers to improve our basic skills around number. Some of us have been carrying out investigations to help us understand the importance of these numbers at a deeper level. 


In topic this week we have been looking at Judaism linked to our topic on World of War. We have also enjoyed coding and PE.