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Summer 1

Welcome back to the first half term of summer. I hope you enjoyed your Easter break in the sunshine. This half term is very short and we have got lots to get in.

Our topic is 'South America Discovered' and we are going to look at different countries which make up the continent and include some of the fun of the carnival and food.

We are going to write some stories this term and get our creative minds working. In Maths we are looking at data and charts and also time and decimals (a lot to fit in!)


Year 4 Homework – Summer Term


During Parent’s evening, quite a few parents asked for extra homework to supplement the Nando’s homework.


This term, I will be focusing on spelling and will be encouraging the children to practise and learn spellings but also to use them correctly in their writing.


I am sending home two wordmats - Y1/2  common exception words and the Y3/4 words. The children are expected to be able to spell all these words by the end of Year 4.

We will be working on these a lot in the classroom but if you could make sure your child is confident first of all with the Year1/2 spellings then move onto the Y3/4 in batches.

Children will still be getting weekly spelling patterns to learn which are still very important.


I will also send out regular maths sheets which supplement the learning we do in class.


The government are currently introducing a Times Table Test for Year 4 pupils and we will be trialling the test at Whitegate End in June. We have already placed a lot of emphasis on learning times tables, but this is definitely the time for some extra practise. The test will be done on line and children will be given a series of questions with 6 seconds to answer before the next question appears,, so they do need to be very sharp. Please help them to practise, especially the more difficult ones eg 7,8,9,12