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Hello and welcome to our Year One page! Your teaching team are Miss Benbow and Mr Butterworth!

Here you will find all of the information you need, from what we have been up to each week, to important documents that you may need to read!

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Can you believe we are in our final half term of Year One!

Our final topic is 'Incredible Inventors!' We will be travelling back in time to find out how we have come to have the things we have today, for example the World Wide Web and cars!

Be sure to check out our Summer 2 page for all of our time travelling adventures! crying

REMINDER: Homework is due in on a Wednesday 
This week has been full of surprises. We have watched some of The Good Dinosaur to help us to develop our writing and we are really proud of our text maps. There was great excitement for "Bouncing Bingo" which we started playing this week. Some of us even won a prize! In gymnastics we have perfected the forward roll and we are getting better at the backward roll. We are building our dinosaur facts and we are still enjoying our Dino Cave for reading. 
Our colourful semantics are beginning to take hold with an exciting way to show a sentence using chairs and children - take a look at our photo! We are building a picture about dinosaurs and next week we will be looking at where the dinosaurs were discovered around the world. Thank you for the continued support with reading and homework and feel free to write in the homework book to ask a question about the homework or work we are doing in class.

What a busy week to begin the Spring Term for 2018! We have been finding out about dinosaurs and what they ate as well as learning the names of the dinosaurs. Today we designed and made our own dinosaurs with our peer experts Eva, Harley, Cole, Cobey and Lucas helping us to answer questions about the characteristics of the creatures. We are trying to include some tricky words in our sentences and putting together sentences using colourful semantics. We will let you know more about that next week.


This week has been an exciting week for the children in Year 1 and Year 2 with a performance today that every parent/carer should feel extremely proud of. The children told me they could see one or two in the audience were moved to what the children stated were "happy tears". The children have written their Christmas lists and they are talking about watching the progress of Father Christmas and his helpers on the internet. Next week we will fit in some Christmas-related  Maths and Literacy activities together with finishing aspects of our Local Area topic.


What an action-packed week! Our Key Stage 1 rehearsals are developing well with a talented group of children from Year 1 and 2. Thanks for the help with the 2-D shapes homework and the support with reading and writing - this has reinforced our work in class and enabled greater progress to be made. The countdown to Christmas has begun with lots of enthusiastic Year 1s but we still need to remind our children about active listening, responding straight away to "Give me Five!"(ask them to tell you about it) and working hard at their "Always Behaviour Promises". In our topic work we have been collecting evidence and taking photos of the seasonal changes and we are calling on parents to draw their children's attention to the environment around them, in particular the buildings, street furniture and open green spaces.

In Year 1 we are having discussions about our local area; we talked about what we like and what we might change to make the area even better. We are going to look at maps from 1906 and  today's maps to find out how things have changed. We have finished reading about the Bog Babies but we didn't want it to end because we enjoyed the story so much.

Bog Babies, Tidy Cloakrooms and Actions.

This has been an exciting week for Year One who are looking forward to meeting their Year 5 Teacher and Teaching Assistant on Friday. They have been learning about the story of the Bog Baby, exploring the school and considering what was there before in their topic Our Local Area

Autumn 2 in Year 1

Autumn Term 2 in Year 1

During the last two weeks we have been delighted with our fun experiences, especially our trip to Dovestones and the Children in Need Day today. Last week we had a WOW start with our search for Bog Babies. This week we have started to make our own Bog Babies which we will paint next week.


Our trip to Dovestones went well and your children were a credit to you; helping one another around the challenging muddy pathways, showing great teamwork building their dens [I think Mr Musgrove was the most competitive or it could have been Mr Butterworth], learning and applying new skills outdoors and demonstrating superb resilience.


We had another surprise this week when a helium balloon was found by our Site Manager, Mr Wellock. He brought the balloon to our classroom as he knew our topic was about the local area. The balloon had a message from a young person called Kenzie whose mum left an e-mail for a response. Kenzie wrote back telling us that the balloon had been set off in Preston to celebrate three birthdays taking place close together. We are looking into how it reached our school.

Welcome to the Year 1 Team which consists of myself, Miss Murphy and Mr Butterworth. We have had an exciting start with a letter from the Gruffalo and the promise of a visit to the Gruffalo's Forest. Our topic this term is The Gruffalo and we are paying particular  attention to the works of Julia Donaldson whose work provides a rich source of vocabulary as well as open young children to a wide range of literary features. 







Friday, 20th October 2017

A huge thank you from the Year One Team to all the Parents and Carers of Year 1 children who helped in the making and designing of your children's costumes for Emergency Services Day. It has been a great success and we have had lots of discussion and questions about the Emergency Services. You always go that extra mile for your children and we really do appreciate that.