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SO LONG FAREWELL, GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK TO A MARVELLOUS CLASS! Summer 2 has been a BLAST! A wonderous, wacky, wonderful land filled with Alices, talking cats and other interesting characters.
(Including MAD HATTERS!

Thankyou for all of your hard work, dedication and fun times! Well done to Luke for winning STAR OF THE YEAR and Good luck as you move into Year 5. You will be missed by Miss Diamond and Mrs Tierney!


Spring 2 was a great success. Year 4 showed an incredibly persuasive assembly to the rest of the school-onethat they had written themselves no less! The children created and printed their own Fairtrade logos and created surveys to find out which of our children at Whitegate End children were FAITRADE AWARE??
 ELECTRICITY and CIRCUITS is our science learning. We are going to construct our own robots and programme them to have similar qualities to those of great religious leaders who we will learn about in R.E. We will use buzzers and bulbs to make them look more realistic. We have trips and visitors planned where we will learn how robots work and as well as this will discover the great power that is electricity.

Filled with the joys of Spring 2
Miss Diamond most thoroughly enjoyed Spring 1. I learnt so much about Habitats and was more than impressed with your outstanding information texts. Your hand sewn,organism toys rocked and WOW'd me....Not to mention all children passing their targets!!! Well done everyone!!!!

As Spring 2 is upon us we continue to look all around the world as we did with Habitats.Our Geography/PSHE topic FAIR is FAIR will allow us to delve a little closer into the countries involved in Fairtrade, so join us as we take our step for Fairtrade in 2012!! You will be hearing from us.

Spring 1 has arrived!
Spring term is here! Habitats is upon us.
Our topic is 'Who would live in a house like this?' We are travelling all over the world to research as many habitats as we can, figuring out which organisms live there and how to they adapt to survive. We are also looking a lot closer to home at the organisms around school. We are going on a linking project with Green Hill and a trip to investigate habitats.

Have a great term & Lets get researching!
Miss Diamond

Autumn 2 is here!

In Autumn 2, this Year 4 asked some great questions...But, we asked the biggest question of them all 'The Creation Question!!!' The children showed real maturity and happily invited our guests Rev. Leaf and Rabbi Silverman in to investigate even more! We learnt about many cultural stories and religious views on how we arrived on this planet. Watch out for this terms art experiments popping up around school..Its going to be sticky :)

Well Done!
Your work on Growth and Movement, skeletons and muscles was as impressive as your R.E.

What a great Term!

Miss Diamond

So far so excellent...Autumn 1 was a great success with some brilliant results.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Chester and our trip to the Oldham Art Gallery. It was great to have our whole class assembly (which was a incredible) and our Roman shields and artefacts were worthy of the Romans themselves!!
Now in Autumn 2, we are focusing our attention on the 'creation stories' from around the world. We look forward to our visitors and comparing the interesting stories that we hear.

Keep up the hard work in Autumn 2.

Here's to a brilliant term ahead!!!

Miss Diamond

Welcome to YEAR 4!!!

Thank you for following the Year 4 class page for 2011-2012.
Your class teacher is Miss Diamond and your wonderful teaching assistant is Mrs Tierney .

This year we have many exciting topics to delve into and plenty of exciting learning opportunities across the curriculum. You are invited to join us by visiting this page as regularly as you wish. Each time that you visit Year 4's page there will be a selection of photographs, stories and blogs that show our learning journey.

Here's to a brilliant year ahead!!!

Miss Diamond