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Week 4

How are we on week 4?


This week has continued to be a busy one where year 6 have tackled fractions with confidence and are flying through their chili challenges. It is also pleasing that we are seeing an improvement in the weekly arithmetic assessments we are doing each week as the pupils are determined to beat their scores. 


In English we have been hard at work completing our supernatural narratives based on the music video 'Titanium' including a wide range of punctuation, fantastic adjectives and stylistic features such as personification, similes and metaphors. 


In guided reading we have started the novel 'Stormbreaker'. To say the children have enjoyed the start of the story is an understatement, they keep asking when they can read more. 


In our topic lessons we have been learning about latitude, longitude and time zones as part of our preparation to become fully fledged spies. 


In PE we have been given our 'Fitbits' to help track our movement over the next 2 weeks. Anyone who knows year 6 knows that we love a good challenge.