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Spring 1

This half term you will be new recruits who are training at 007 Spy School. You will have a whole host of missions to complete which will result in your successful graduation from Spy School. Be prepared to go on missions at any time!


To successfully complete your graduation from Spy School you have to complete a range of missions. These will include –

-Use of Google Earth to locate mission locations
-Understanding time zones around the world
-Comparing different locations using physical and human features
-Naming a number of famous mountains and deserts
-Using longitude and latitude to locate mountains, deserts and other locations

 - Understanding  the importance of industrial areas and ports

 - Understanding the components of electrical systems and investigating how we can use this to develop our spy skills.


In addition you will have a whole hosts of missions linked to reading, writing and maths.


Good luck recruits!!!!


Important INTEL for Spy Recruits