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Week 1

What a lovely week. We managed to make the most of the little sun that we have had this week with lots of outdoor activities. We have been exploring sensory play by dipping our feet into sandy water. We also explored safety in the bike area by using red, yellow and green signs to let the people on the bikes know when it was safe to ride. We have explored many activities based around the story Goldilocks And The Three Bears. We really enjoyed matching the bears to their chairs and putting them in size order. More importantly, we blew the adults away with our mathematical language to explain why we made the decision to put each bear on a particular chair. As always we have been super focused in phonics. We are working to hard to write sentences, tricky words, learn new sounds and further develop our blending and segmenting. 




In relation to our topic, we went on a walk round the school grounds to discuss what we could. The children were all very curious and asked so a lot of good quality questions. We discussed the fire assembly point, road markings, signs, warnings, types of houses etc. This is something you could continue with at home to really develop their understanding of the community and the world which we live in. 



This weeks dinosaur winners are...



Harry (Pretendactyl)                    Cavan (Explorosaurus)                    Mea & Holly (Solvosaurus)


Aimee (Predictor)                    Ethan (Tryceratops)                    Mason (Pridosaur)


This weeks ALWAYS children are...