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Year 4

Mrs Bingham and Mr Webster would like to welcome you along to the Year 4 class page. Please have a look at all the things we will be doing throughout the year. We welcome any feedback so if you think there is extra information that we can add please just let us know!!


Please have a look at the  key information section as the term progresses to find copies of our Nando's homework and spellings. Plus there will also be copies of any letters and key information sent home





Builders get ready to rumble as we start off with a WOW!! Yep, your building skills will be needed to build a city from nothing.We will create our own mini Manchester using our creative skills before getting to grips with the history of the fantastic city of Manchester.

Have a look at what else is in store this half term.....


Do you know how Manchester has changed over time?

We will look at the changing face of Manchester since the industrial revolutions. From looking at the mills in the local area we will find out how Manchester has evolved into the amazing city we see today. 


Could you be the next city planner?

We will use our geography skills to locate the main cities and towns in Britain before looking at the population of Manchester and how this has changed. From this, we will compare the differences between villages and cities. We will then use all of our learning to build our own fantasy city by choosing the correct location due to infrastructure and the natural environment.


Can you describe the Manchester skyline?

We will look at the Manchester skyline at the iconic buildings that make up our amazing city


Can you show off your amazing writing skills?

We will  start by writing our very own poem all about the great city of Manchester. Following this we will look at the book ‘Weslandia’ and create our very own civilisations. Not only that, we will describe this as a setting and also complete a report to explain the amazing place our new city is.


Can you put your maths skills to the test?

Our maths work will begin by building on our multiplication and division skills before looking at area. We don’t stop there as fractions come next!

Are you ready to build this city?


Well the answer to this question was most certainly yes as the Year 4 children rolled up their sleeves and got cracking. Have a look at what we achieved...more photos to follow in the weekly update at the end of week one.

We built this city!!!

We built this city!!! 1 Ready to get going!!
We built this city!!! 2 Planning was sorted and it was time to go.
We built this city!!! 3 Busy designing and creating.
We built this city!!! 4 Work in progress....
We built this city!!! 5 Great teamwork!!!
We built this city!!! 6 Some of the buildings in their final stages.
We built this city!!! 7 A new design for the Arndale!!
We built this city!!! 8 Talking about what they have been doing so far.
We built this city!!! 9 Time to make the roads for our city.
We built this city!!! 10 Making those final touches.
We built this city!!! 11 Placing the buildings in the correct places.
We built this city!!! 12 setting out the roads to join parts of the city.
We built this city!!! 13 Having a check everything is right!
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