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Throughout school we follow the White Rose maths programme of learning. This develops pupils mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills whilst encouraging maths to be taught in a fun and practical way matched to the individual needs of all children. The scheme follows the National Curriculum, ensuring pupils are ready to meet their end of year goals.  


We have developed a mastery approach for teaching maths at school, Mastery is based on the idea of children not moving on until they are secure in their understanding of a particular concept. The whole class is taught the same thing, at the same time, with children learning at an appropriate level through support and enrichment. Challenge is offered through higher order questioning and activities that develop deeper understanding, problem solving and reasoning skills.


Below is a brief overview for each year group, if you have any further questions about maths at Whitegate End or you would like to view White Rose in more detail please contact your child's class teacher. 

Last week Key stage 2 children were lucky enough to have a visit from 'Breakout Maths'. We had to solve maths puzzles and problems to unlock padlocks connected to doors, draws and filing cabinets. Some of the clues were really tricky, however all children showed the characteristics of : resilience, persistence and teamwork. It was great to see some future leaders take control. The gentlemen commented on how amazing the pupils at Whitegate End were. Below are some photos of us trying to escape !





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When we talk about literacy at Whitegate End we talk about writing, reading, phonics and grammar so lets have a look at each one in turn so you know what happens across school.



At Whitegate End we show the children there is a real purpose for their writing. Teachers ensure there is a 'hook' for the children's writing to fully engage them in their learning. We use pupil voice to see what the children are interested in and link our writing to our topics. We follow a reading into writing process so the children have opportunities to share high quality texts to gather ideas for their writing. We call these WAGOLLS - what a good one looks like. Following this the children will unpick the WAGOLL so they understand the genre they are going to focus upon. In the mix we have lots of grammar games to help meet our grammar objectives. Through modelled writes (where the teacher will model the writing to the children) then shared writes (where the children may complete some writing in pairs of small groups) the children build up their confidence to draft their piece of writing. We then have to edit and improve our work before completing a published version.  The teachers are on the look out for fantastic pieces of wrting as they are celebrated each week in assembly as a 'masterpices' winner is selected to receive  special certificate. 



We work really hard to get the children engaged in their reading. From Drop Everything and Read Days to daily guided reading lessons we always encourage the children to enjoy a good book. Our library has recently had a makeover (with the help of our great PTFA) so we have a great space where the children can enjoy reading. From EYFS to Year 6 we ensure the children have lots of opportunities to read and encourage parents to spend some quality time reading with their children. At Whitegate End, we also explain to the children that if they enjoy and do lots of reading, it will really help with their writing. We ensure we teach the children the strategies needed to develop their reading skills. Daily guided reading sessions make sure the children have focused time with the class teacher and this may be in the form of a carousel of activities or whole class guided reading further up in school. We hold yearly book fairs to help raise money to purchase high quality texts and really appreciate all the support we receive from parents and carers.



In EYFS and Key Stage One all the children take part in a daily phonics session. These sessions follow the same structure as each day the children will review a previously learnt sound then they will be taught a new sound before practising and applying this new sound. The teachers plan engaging activities to ensure the children make progress with their learning. 


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS)

At Whitegate End we cover the expectations for GPS alongside the genres of writing. Each year group has mapped out their GPS curriculum and match this to interesting and engaging genres of writing. We ensure we teach GPS in the context of the children's writing. Teachers plan a range of activities and games to make sure the children remain interested. For our spelling curriculum we follow the 'No Nonsense' Spelling programme to ensure we cover all  spelling patterns for each year group. Teachers add to this scheme and adapt lessons to suit each individual class of children.


Have a look at the class pages to see curriuclum overviews and weekly updates for each year group. 


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Find information about our curriculum on the individual class pages.

If you would like further information about the curriculum at Whitegate End, please speak to your child's class teacher, attend one of our open mornings or parent forum meetings (please contact the school for the next date) or fill in the enquiry form on the contact page. 

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