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Our Connected Curriculum information

Connected Curriculum- 2 year cycle


During the last 4  years the staff and pupils have been involved in considering how we can make our curriculum even better.

We have decided with great input from the pupils to create our own connected curriculum as an addition to our other curriculum sessions.

All pupils will learn some new knowledge and develop key skills, much of which can be applied to different contexts. We wanted to ensure that pupils developed essential life skills that would start to equip them to become more independent and responsible in their lives.

We decided to group the pupils across the Key Stage 2 phase to further develop their collaboration and communication skills.

Pupils will rotate around 6 key areas during the year spending approximately 6 weeks on each area. Each year the 6 areas that form the connected curriculum are slightly amended.
The carousel of  curriculum areas are taken from the following:
Cookery(to learn about eating healthily and in a balanced way, to help develop a sense of health and safety, life long skills, teamwork, social and emotional development)

Design & Technology (to work together to plan and design based upon a need or scenario)
Global studies (to learn about the issues affecting our world, the environment and humans. To further develop presentation, research, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills)

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (to learn about keeping ourselves fit and healthy, developing relaxation techniques, improving our fitness and understanding about nutrition)

Gymnastics-To further develop pupils physical skills as part of the Gymnastics PE curriculum.
Karate(to learn a new sport and physical activity, to develop self-control, confidence, awareness, self-defence, concentration, focus, respect,
discipline, and humility.)
Art(to learn about different artists and genres, to develop creativity, collaboration, observation, self-expression, perseverance and risk-taking)
Film Making( to develop computing knowledge, flexible creativity, visual storytelling, problem-solving and communication)

Web Design(To use different apps to create web pages, develop creativity, collaboration and communication with others)
First Aid and Emergency procedures(to learn about some of the most common health issues, to develop teamwork, attention to detail,

life-saving and life-long skills)

Forest School( to learn about our environment, caring for nature, gardening and planting, an opportunity to work collaboratively, develop social skills and confidence to speak publicly)

A Safer Me- pupils learn more about how to keep themselves safe near water, around fire and using the vast array of social media platforms.

A copy of the whole years rota has been uploaded to the school website so that you can when and your child is involved in each of the six areas.