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The Pop Project

Today, Pop Project came to Whitegate End, showcasing the history of pop music from the 50s to the present day. KS2 were able to enjoy a great showing of musical talent teaching them about how music has changed over the decades including the musical influences of Michael Jackson, ABBA and the Beatles. The children really learnt a lot about the musical changes over the times and returned to the classroom full of enthusiasm for musical history and how pop music has unfolded over the decades.
It was great to see participation from our very own Jack Yates who bravely got up and played the guitar alongside the group for the audience. Jack was the very first member of audience that the Pop Project had ever had to take to the stage and play electric guitar alongside them. A very big well done to Jack!
KS1 enjoyed a show that was specifically aimed for their age group; they enjoyed lively sing-along songs that everyone could get involved with. The children time-travelled through the decades of music, from the 1950s through to the modern day. Everyone had a fantastic time and learnt at the same time about the songs we listen to and how they have changed! As the show went on, the children were involved in actions and dance routines that they had a fantastic time participating in.
A big thank you to Pop Project for putting on a fantastic show that was both enjoyable and informative; specifically Matthew, Graham and Henry for being the orchestrators of what was a unique and vibrant experience.
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See our photos to get a taste of The Pop Project experience at Whitegate End.