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House Intra-School Challenges

Every half term, we hold an intra-school competition, where every year group splits into their houses and competes in the same event from Year 1 to Year 6.  Scores are recorded by our sports leaders and then the average taken.  The children are getting very competitive, especially when results are announced in Friday assembly!  There are some results missing from this page - it will be updated!

Summer 1

Long jump Challenge

1st     Butterworth     ave 1.60m     80 credits    WINNERS
2nd    Broadway         ave 1.58m     60 credits
3rd     Hollinwood       ave 1.55m     40 credits
4th     Semple            ave 1.37m     20 credits
Autumn 2

Skipping Challenge

1st     Broadway         80 credits    WINNERS
2nd    Butterworth      60 credits
3rd     Semple             40 credits
4th     Hollinwood        20 credits
Autumn 1
Speed Bounce Challenge

1st     Butterworth      58.95 bounces per min     80 credits  WINNERS
2nd    Broadway          56.42 bounces per min     60 credits
3rd     Hollinwood        56.22 bounces per min     40 credits
4th     Semple             55.06 bounces per min     20 credits