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French Day 2013

Today children at Whitegate End had the opportunity to celebrate ‘all things French’, on our special French Day. Children came to school wearing the colours of the French flag.
The day started with the arrival of the children in the tricoloured outfits and entering their classrooms greeted by French speaking teachers. Children then began their many different activities.
Nursery & Reception
Children in the EYFS learned all about flying, flags, food and famous artist Matisse. Children created artwork inspired by the French artist, made their very own French flag and sampled lots of French nibbles.
Year 1
Children in Year 1 took part in French singing, language, culture and food through the eyes of ‘Barnaby Bear.’ They learned all about France through Barnaby’s trip and made some comparisons to their own lives.
Year 2
In Year 2 children took part in French day by looking at som3 famous French artist and were so inspired that they created their very own owl images in the same style. They also sang some French songs and followed some French instructions.
Year 3
Year 3 learned all about France and created a quiz. They used the internet and books to research rivers, mountains, towns and buildings in France and came up some very interesting facts. They also had some short French conversations.
Year 4
Pupils in Year 4 sampled lots of French food; they tried everything from breads to cheeses. Children also learned names of different French foods, describes tastes and textures and also learned lots of new French phrases.
Year 6
Year 6 children entered their classrooms and were greeted with some French delicacies which they tried and tested. They also built the Eiffel Tower using arts straws. Children also made a giant map of France in the Hall.
They day was finished with a whole school assembly where children had the opportunity to share their learning with the rest of the school.
We were so happy that French day was a great success. Children and staff really embraced the French language and customs and we hope that their children have more of a desire to learn languages.
Have a look at our pictures to really get an idea of what the children did…