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EYFS KS1 Sports Day

Today saw the Annual Whitegate End Sports Day return, showcasing a huge range of activities and events to satisfy a range of children. We kicked off with the Obstacle Race which demanded that children were jumping through hoops, jumping over hurdles and running with objects on their head.
Children got really involved in the spirit of the day, supporting their own house teams and their friends with vigour and excitement; all contributing to a fantastic atmosphere where people learnt the values of team work, commitment and light-heartedness. The Sports Day is a fantastic opportunity for the children to release some energy and enjoy themselves.
Children competed in a variety of events and activities including the Quoit Race, the Wheelbarrow Race, The Egg and Spoon Race, Relay Race, Sprint Race, Speed Bounce and the grand finale saw everyone take part in the Timed Water Challenge.
The Timed Water Challenge involved every member of the team including staff, needing them to carry containers of water across and filling one big container. The winning team was the first to fill the big container. The Timed Water Challenge saw everyone come together and see a fantastic day out.
We’d like to offer our thanks to the parents who helped out and came to cheer us all on! We couldn’t have done it without you!
See our photos to get an idea of just what the Whitegate End Sports Day was like!