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Education City Home Access

Fanstastic News

Whitegate End has invested in home access for all children in years 1-6 for Education City. The children love this resource and I'm sure it will go down well with all of you.

Read on for further information about how to access Education City at home.

Logging on

In the next few days your child will bring home an information leaflet and log on card to access the website.

Go to 

Click on 'Login' 

Enter the username and password given on the card sent home.

Enter the region as 'England'

Click 'Enter'

You will now be transferred to the home page with which all the children are familiar, the children are your best guides from now on.

 Why have we purchased this resource?

As a school we believe that children should have access to the best resources in order to support their learning. Education City has proven to be an excellent resource within school for the children to practice skills in a number of areas. When the school subscribtion to the site came up for renewal, we took the opportunity to extend the scubscription in order for children to be able to access the activities at home (many children have asked over the years if this is possible)

Class teachers, and support staff may, in the future begin to set homeowrk tasks that use Education City resources, but for now, just become familiar with the resources and activities available.

What if we lose our login details?

Please try really hard to keep login detils in a safe place, if you do lose them, please contact the school office where a master list is kept.

We don't have internet access at home, can my child still access the activities?

We know that many of our parents do have internet access at home (you told us so in the questionnaire that you completed on parents evening) we did notice however, that some families do not have home internet access. Local libraries offer free internet access, so you can take your login card to your local library and access the activities there. 'Lost Learning' time in school could also be used by children to access Education City, if they wish to, and we are currently investigating the possibility of providing internet access in the school library to provide further opportunities for children to us this resource.

Where can I find out more?

Click here to go to the parents section of the Education City website to find out lots more information.

At the next parents forum we will be demonstrating Education City and discussing ways in which it will be used within school over the coming months.