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ALWAYS letter to parents

Following consultation with parents and pupils we have made some amendments to our ALWAYS Statem. Please see the following information regarding the amendments.


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to our new academic year. I trust that you have all had a restful summer break.  Many of the children have already shared with me their adventures from the holidays.

Thank you for sending in your children looking fabulous in their school uniform.


During the summer term I met with parents, pupils and staff to discuss our ALWAYS system. We are always striving to improve our provision and make every day count and before we considered any changes I wanted to seek the views of as many people as possible.

In response to the pupils and your suggestions we have decided to modify our ALWAYS system. We feel that this will enable us to be more flexible and adapt to individual needs whilst at the same time setting high standards for pupils conduct and their learning behaviours.

We also feel that the pupils will see it as a fairer system that they can contribute towards and have their say as part of our on-going pupil voice activities.


Within each class pupils will regularly discuss, share and celebrate all of their efforts towards becoming an ALWAYS child. Pupils will work towards earning their ALWAYS badge over a period of time.  When badges are achieved they will quite rightly be celebrated. Within the class pupils will be able to see how well they are doing and what they need to aim for to achieve their badge. Pupils will agree in their class with the adults what consequences there will be that are appropriate for the age of the pupil (I have included just a few of the childrens’ suggestions from today.) Therefore what happens in Year 1 will not be the same as Year 6 because the expectations for each age group will vary.

From the start of this term all ALWAYS badges will be collected in by school in preparation for when a child is awarded their badge. If you have any badges at home could you please hand them in to your childs’ teacher or to the main office. 


Pupils will continue to keep their ALWAYS badge if they consistently maintain the standards they have worked so hard to achieve by following the Always promises and being an effective learner.


It is inevitable that pupils may lose their badge at times, but straight away they will be starting to earn it back. This will be used as a learning opportunity to discuss actions and consequences. We will no longer have an ALWAYS treat at the end of each term. To replace this each class will decide on a more regular ALWAYS time which all pupils will be part of.


If a pupil is involved in any of the following then staff will investigate the incident and may as a result be asked to remove their badge.

The following can lead to removal of the ALWAYS badge:

Derogatory or aggressive language, putting themselves or others at risk (unsafe behaviour)

Bullying or racist behaviour, Aggressive behaviour towards others, Vandalism of school/others property

Consistent disrespect for the ALWAYS promises.


As with any change it takes time to embed and for all to be clear about their expectations. Please allow your child and us the opportunity to make this a success.


At the heart of the change is the core belief that pupils become better learners when they understand that effort is the most important attitude to have and become accepting of the need to improve at times. We call this having a growth mindset and it is something that we will be aiming to develop in all pupils over time.


This also means that if a child hasn’t always been successful at an aspect of their learning that they can’t be good at it in the future through hard work. Likewise just because a child might be doing well at an aspect of their learning now, doesn’t mean they will continue to do well in the future unless they continue to work hard and accept constructive help to improve.

Please help us by encouraging your child to always try their best and praise the efforts they are making.


Thank you for your on-going support and partnership in your child’s education.


Mrs J. Conway



An effective learner at Whitegate End


  • Shares ideas and knowledge.

  • Listens to others and waits for their turn.

  • Is considerate of others.

  • Cooperates with others.

  • Is supportive and encourages others.

  • Accepts constructive feedback and support.

  • Is persistent and learns from mistakes.

  • Takes risks in their learning.

  • Challenges themselves and sets their own goals.

  • Is organised and ready to learn at all times.

  • Completes tasks on time.


Some pupil suggestions for consequences in classes


Loss of some or whole break time. Lost learning time to be made up at break or lunch.

Pupils to write an explanation about the reasons for not managing their behaviour.

Time out in another classroom to watch correct attitude for learning being modeled.

Missing out on treats. Calming down time.

Apologise to the person with reasons.

Lose marbles from Jar.

Go to the office to talk about what went wrong.


Some pupil suggestions for ALWAYS Time

Pj party, Film , Time in the bubble , Sport

Fun science experiments , Pizza afternoon , Box of treats

Extra time in reading fort , Extra play

Go on Lap tops / I-pads, Extra break time, Extra craft time.