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Maths Workshop for Parents - Wed 25 Sep 2013

Thank you to all those parents / carers who cam along to the Maths addition and subtraction workshop on Wednesday 25th September 2013.  From the feedback we received from parents, you found it a great opportunity to find out how your child is taught addition and subtraction in their year group (very different for some parents from the way you were taught in school!)

The powerpoints and information booklets for parents can be found below, so if you would like to relook at anything, it is there.  Also, don't hesitate to come into school and ask - I am more than happy to support parents, together with all other staff, with anything mathematical, however big or small it may be.

On Thurs 14th November @ 9am, we will be having a drop in session for parents, when there is the opportunity for you to join in with your child in their maths lesson.  It will be focused around addition and subtraction and we really look forward to seeing as many parents as possible

The next 'How to Help your child in Maths' evening will be in the Spring term, focusing on Multiplication and Division

Miss Hoskins (Maths Leader)