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Letters & Documents 2019-2020 & September 2020 start

Letter from the Director of Education and Public Health Oldham for parents & carers- 28/8/20

        School re-opening in September. Information regarding control measures

Our schools risk assessment is based upon the key principles and guidance as outlined below.


Measures set out in the government guidance provide a framework for school leaders to put in place proportionate protective measures for children and staff, which also ensure that all pupils receive a high quality education that enables them to thrive and progress.

In welcoming all children back this autumn, schools have been asked to minimise the number of contacts that a pupil has during the school day as part of implementing the system of controls outlined below to reduce the risk of transmission.

While the aim is to have all pupils back at school in the autumn, all schools will need to plan for the possibility of a local lockdown and how they will ensure continuity of education.

Schools must comply with health and safety law, which requires them to assess risks and put in place proportionate control measures. Schools should thoroughly review their health and safety risk assessments and draw up plans for the autumn term that address the risks identified using the system of controls set out below. These are an adapted form of the system of protective measures that will be familiar from the summer term.


The essential measures include:

1)a requirement that people who are ill stay at home 

2)robust hand and respiratory hygiene 

3)enhanced cleaning arrangements

4)active engagement with NHS Test and Trace 

5)formal consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable.


Contacts are reduced will depend on

1)grouping children together

2)avoiding contact between groups

3)arranging classrooms with forward facing desks

4)staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible. 


Letter for pupils & parents returning to school in September- 16/8/20

To all our pupils and parents

Firstly thank you for being absolute superstars during Lockdown. I know you've tried your best at home and made the best of the current situation spending valuable time with your families.

This week we have said goodbye to Miss Poll who has been with us for two years covering some of our maternity leaves. We are very sad to see her go and wish her all the best in her new job.

We've also had to say goodbye to our Year 6 leavers, those that have been in school with us as Key Worker pupils and virtually to the rest of the class. We held a lovely Zoom leavers assembly the other day and it was so nice to see lots of the pupils and parents join us for the event.

We know that you will continue to thrive at your new schools and make the most of all the new opportunities available to you. Thank you also to the Year 6 parents for their continued support, we will miss you too.

Since the 20th March we've had a large group of key worker pupils in school, many of whom have attended every day and all through Easter and half term too. They deserve a rest now. Not once have they moaned about being in school all of the time and have shown great resilience. We know that they, all of you and our staff have had to make a lot of sacrifices during this time to support our essential workers and keep the nation safe, but together we have made the most of the situation. 


I will be posting a further letter just before school re-opens outlining in more detail the procedures and timings for September. I ask that you please read all of the information carefully so you understand as much as possible about the timings etc.

And finally....

The staff in the last few weeks have been practising their dance moves as they wanted to produce a short video for you for the summer.

The video can be viewed on our Facebook  and You Tube page (

We hope you enjoy it and all have a lovely summer.  J Conway


End of Year letter to parents including valuable information for September opening to all pupils-8th July 2020

Online Music Lessons for pupils who pay for small group tuition and Y3 Music, Y4 Clarinets, Y5 Clarinets

Ofsted Inspection report-Letter to parents from Mrs Conway