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How To Make A Country Wood Frame For Your Photo

Why not use this video guide to help you make your own Wooden photo frame at home. Find a few twigs in the garden and make the most of having this time to get creative.

Forest School

Forest school this year has been a lot of fun, working in the outdoor classroom, the polli-tunnels and of course in the outdoor forest school area. The children have learnt a whole range of skills and completed a number of challenges whilst in Forest school, hopefully some that will help their adults brighten up their gardens too!


At the beginning of the year, the pupils started by building their own dens in the forest area, using any pieces of nature they could find to help them. This had a varying degree of success, some den's being knocked over by a small breeze. 

The pupils have looked at plants a lot this year, planting vegetables in the polli-tunnels and planting spring bulbs around the school grounds. These are planted around the school flag poll and around the large trees on the entrance to school. This will hopefully start to bloom in spring and will add some real colour to the front of school.


In addition, the pupils have worked hard on building bird feeders to help our ever-growing  wildlife, as well as beautiful woodland picture frames.


It has been a great year so far in forest school, and whilst we may miss a little bit of spring with the current situation, we will hopefully return to see all our flowers in bloom over the summer months.