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Film Making & Web Design

School Closure work

During this unprecedented time where school is closed to most pupils for an unknown amount of time, it could be quite difficult for children to keep themselves occupied for such a long period of time. Also, many of the pupils will be missing a range of connected curriculum activities which they will have been looking forward to. That said, here are a few things that pupils could be doing at home to help with their film making and web designing skills.


Film Making

The following apps are all free to download and could help your child with their film making skills.

Folioscope - This is an animation app, allowing pupils to create their very own cartoons of whatever they wish.

Green Screen - There are many 'green screen' apps available, most of them for free. This will turn any green background into a picture of their choice - a desert, the jungle, the middle of space, etc. This could be fun for getting the feeling of being out of the home whilst staying in doors.

Movie Maker - This is a brilliant and free app that will allow the children to edit any video they take, whilst also allowing them to add sound effects, voice-overs and even music.


Possible tasks:

  • Always wanted to be a singing sensation? Why not create your own music video on your house, lip syncing to your favourite track?
  • Could you be the next David Attenborough? You could create a little documentary about life inside your home, perhaps follow one of your bets and narrate their life for an hour.
  • A weird and wonderful animated world - could you use Folioscope to create your own little animated world with different characters? Could you create a little video of what you want to do on your first day back at school?
  • Explore history or around the world - why not spend some time in the war trenches, or being the first person to walk on the moon? Have you ever wanted to walk among the snakes in the rainforest or swim with the sharks in the ocean? This is your chance to practice all of those things!


Web Design

There are two really good apps that the pupils have been practicing in school and could continue to practice at home. You will need to create a log-in for both, simply by using your email address and creating a password.

Adobe Spark Page - This is a completely free app and really easy to use. Any designs that the pupils finish can then be 'published' which means they will be put out on the internet with its own URL (however long and confusing it may be).

SimDif 2 - This app is free for the first 7 website that you create and then if you wish to create more it would require you to sign up and pay a fee. This, again, will allow the children to create their own website which, once published, then becomes active with its own web address.


Possible Tasks:

  • Are you a huge fan of a singer, group or sports team? You could make a fan page dedicated to them with different sections dedicated to different parts of their life/career. 
  • Always wanted to be a famous blogger? Here is your chance! Why not complete daily updates on the website, adding little anecdotes and stories, maybe commenting on the news from that day?
  • What about an internet time capsule? You could write a brief history of this year, discussing all the key events that have happened in Britain or around the world so far this year. You could update it every month for the year and then look back at it in a few years at what a weird and wonderful year this will have been.
  • Want to make a website for your family's business, why not?! If you family has their own business then why not use this time to make a website for them and help them attract lots of interest into what they do!


Always remember: Whatever you put on the internet it there for EVERYONE to see, so only put things on the website that is appropriate and safe for you and your friends/family. Remember what you have learnt in E-Safety - all those messages still apply even if you are the one making the website!



The current web design group are conducting some market research for their web pages. They have created some simple survey questions and would really like it if you could take some time to fill in the survey for yourself. Each link will take you to a different survey from a different child (but there may be some overlap in their questions).




Thank you in advance for your help.

Web Design

The pupils in years 5 and 6 will learn a range of skills in order to create their own website for a local business. The pupils will analyse and evaluate other websites, aimed at a range of audiences, to consider what it is that makes a good website. The pupils will then carry out market research, coming up with their own questions and posing these to a wide audience through the use of Google Forms. Using the results of this research, and their findings on what makes a good website, the pupils will then design their own website on paper. Following this design, the pupils will learn how to use two website building apps - SimDif and Adobe Spark Page - and will eventually select one of these apps to create their own website.


Follow the links below to see some of our pupils' work.

Film Making


This year, the pupils from year 3 and 4 will be focusing on creating a trailer for their very own movie.  The first stage to this is for the pupils to consider the the type of film they want to make and how they want to set it. From this, the pupils will create a mood board using Pic-Collage to help them gather ideas for their final piece. The pupils will also get the opportunity to practice using the green screen app -DoInk Green Screen - and the animation app - Folioscope - in preparation for their final film trailer. Using these skills, as well as their mood board and film outline, the pupils will record a number of short clips. The pupils then edit their clips, including the use of subtitles and music, to piece together an exciting trailer for their film.


Keep your eyes on the videos below to see if your film makes the cut.

Year 4

Still image for this video
An example of year 4 final trailer

Year 3

Still image for this video
An example of a year 3 final trailer

2018-2019: Year 3 and 4 have been working on different types of film, and we are currently focusing on stop motion, the style of filming used for the likes of Wallace and Gromit. The pupils have been creating their own scenery, as well as their own characters, and then using these to create short films. What do you think of the pupils' scenery so far? Can you guess what they have created?

The pupils have been using an app called Folioscope (A free app on any Apple device)

Still image for this video
The pupils have been using Folioscope to create these short animations. Some pupils have told us that they are going to download the app at home and continue animating.


Still image for this video

Still image for this video