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Early Years (Foundation Stage Unit-Nursery & Reception)

Welcome Video for new starters-September 2020

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Governor Run Nursery from September 2021

From September 2021 our Maintained Nursery will convert to a Section 27 Governor Run Nursery.

From September we will initially have  the equivalent of 16 Full time places. These places may be made up of a Full time place, or part time (morning & afternoon session)  place.

The Foundation stage unit will be led by Miss J O'Callaghan our Early Years leader, who will ensure the planning and provision meets all of the Early Years curriculum and statutory requirements.

In our Foundation Stage Unit, Pupils in Nursery and Reception integrate throughout the day with each other.

Parents requesting a part time place will be allocated either a morning or afternoon session.

Full time- 8:50am to 2:50pm

Part time morning- 8:50am to 11:50am

Part time afternoon- 12-3pm

Presentation of Information for new Nursery and Reception starters September 2020



Life in Early Years!


Teaching sessions

Each day your child will take part in a focused group phonics session where they will learn to read, spell and write.


Similarly, each day, your child will be involved in a structured maths session developing their number sense, mathematical problem solving skills and understanding of shapes and measure.


A topic session will also be delivered where your child will explore scientific ideas, learn about people and communities and the world around them.


Other weekly sessions may include P.E/dance, assembly, story times, writing groups, The Weekly Mile walk and programmes such as ‘Dinosaur School’, ‘Can Do Music’ and ‘Relaxed Kids’.


Teaching sessions can be delivered by staff across the unit and not always by your child’s designated class teacher.


Continuous provision

Now here’s where the learning, development, independence, growth mind set and Characteristics of Effective Learning really take off…


An important part of our school day is the children’s access to our ‘continuous provision’. During this time they will explore all of our indoor and outdoor areas with their classmates, in the form of play. Please do not underestimate the power of play, it is here the children will make relationships, manage their feelings and behaviour, develop their self-confidence and be immersed in language to develop their speaking, listening and understanding.


‘Tell me and I may forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand’.


We also ensure the children have plenty of opportunities to put their learning into practise during this time through planned adult led activities and our ‘Rainbow Challenges’. We apologise in advance for the paint, mud and mess… but the children have been learning!


The children also have continuous access to fruit, water and milk during this time.


Additional information

Your child will be assigned a peg, water bottle and Dojo monster (who will collect points awarded to your child for good behaviour and work). Please


provide your child with wellies, labelled with their name, to keep in school and ensure that they arrive each day with weather appropriate clothing.


School readiness


When thinking about preparing your child for school, there are four main points to consider:


1) Previous experiences

It is important for us to understand the experiences your child may have already had in terms of interacting with different environments, children and adults. You may find it useful to reflect on how your child best fits the following statements:


-  Currently attends day care setting (private nursery, child minder)

- Has previously attended a day care setting (private nursery, child minder)

- Has had access to play groups, stay and play sessions through local organisations.

- Has not had much experience in different settings with other children and adults.


2) Attachment and confidence

In order to prepare for your child’s arrival on their first day at school, it is helpful to know how much support you think your child may need. You may find it useful to reflect on how your child best fits the following statements:


- May need to form a trusting relationship with an adult

- May need a cuddle and reassurance

- May need guidance and distraction from an adult or other children

- May need a little support and encouragement


3 Independence

We have high expectations of our children from their very first day at Whitegate End Primary School. In Early Years we continually strive to develop our children’s independence. You may find it useful to reflect on how your child best fits the following statements:


- Are able to dress themselves with little help

- Are able to put on and fasten their coat

- Are able to wash and dry their hands

- Are able to drink from a cup

- Are able to use a knife and fork


4) Toileting

We understand that all of our children may have accidents from time to time, this is expected. You may find it useful to reflect on how your child best fits the following statements: 


- Usually tends to all toileting needs independently

- May ask for help or support whilst tending to their toileting needs

- Can tell an adult if they have had an accident

- Can tell an adult when they need the toilet but may need support



For more information on ensuring your child is ready to start school please do not hesitate to contact us.