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Attendance at Whitegate End Primary School


At Whitegate End it is vital that your child has good attendance. Your child will achieve and make good progress if they are in school everyday, on time. We monitor attendance daily.

If your child is ill, please telephone school before 9:00am to report this. Medical evidence must be provided for each absence, in order for it to be authorised.

At Whitegate End Primary School we do not authorise any holidays during term time. If you are taking your son/daughter out of school you need to notify us in writing. A Request of leave of absence form is available from the office. This is in accordance to Government guidelines. Fixed penalty fines will be issued to those parents who take their children out of school during term time.

We reward good attendance with attendance badges at the end of each term. There is also a class incentive, the class with the highest weekly attendance will receive five minutes extra playtime. If the class achieves 100% then an extra five minutes is added. We encourage our children to take pride in good attendance, punctuality and to understand the importance of it.

Any Queries regarding attendance or punctuality please contact Mrs Burney.


Attendance 2016-17

The Schools attendance to date is 96.15 %
Authorised absence that includes medical appointments only is 2.50%
Unauthorised absences is 1.34 %
Missing Marks is 0 %

Attendance 2015 -16


The Schools attendance to date is 96.57%
Authorised absence that includes medical appointments only is 2.67%
Unauthorised absences is 0.76%
Missing Marks is 0.00%

As we start a new year we will be working towards a minimum of 97%


Attendance 2014-2015

The Schools Attendance up to 22/06/2015;
  • 96.15% Present to date
  • 3.32% Authorised absence
  • 0.53% Unauthorised absence
  • 0.00% Missing marks