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Week 6 

This week we have become investigators and used brushes to discover letter sounds within heaps of porridge oats. We also used magnets in the water area to explore real and fake money. It was buzzing in early years as we developed our programming skills using the beebots. We introduced an addition station in our maths area, hammered colourful shapes onto wooden blocks to create pictures and even had time to mark make for our I Know a Bucket Filler board.Finally we all got to get on Friday for our first Early Years Celebration Assembly. Watch this space for pictures!



Week 5

This week has included some pretty big changes which everyone has adapted to so well!! A massive well done to those Nursery children brave enough to come into school independently with a smile smiley This week we have started our Phonic sessions. We will following the Letters and Sounds framework which can be found online. The children have enjoyed getting into their groups and have really focused during the daily phonic sessions. Also, we have also been introduced to a member of Early years that we haven't met before... A dinosaur called Dina. Dina will be visiting Nursery and Reception weekly to discuss personal, social and emotional topics related to our bucket filling theme. We are super proud of how beautifully the children introduced themselves. All of the children were very gentle and kind to Dina. I wonder what next week will bring...


Week 4

Each week is just getting better and better in Early Years! Nursery are settling into their school day with a smile and embedding the school day routine brilliantly. Reception are adapting to new changes too, they have been working very hard getting changed for PE and are becoming much more independent. This week we made our own very own play dough and designed a play dough cake for the MacMillan Coffee morning. We also got messy painting some pictures to display and had a go at drawing still life parsnips! Well  done everyone another great week! no


Week 3

Reception are super excited to have received their first reading books this week! We are also pleased to see our first set of children bringing their happy buckets into school to share personal items with the other children! Both Nursery and Reception have become writers and mark makers this week by drawing and labelling what a bucket filler looks like. Also, we had our first Tatty Teddy diary entry come back this week. It was wonderful to see his first adventure and I wonder where he will be going to next?


Week 2

Another fantastic week this week.. We have been super busy exploring how to be an 'Always child'. Each child has been allocated an owl and when it reaches the top of the tree they will be awarded with an Always badge. We are really pleased to have read our topic book for this term, Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud and discussed how to be a bucket filler during circle time. Finally, EYFS are getting fit this year... We have attempted our first mile run! We did a little bit of running and walking but we are confident next week we will run for longer! 


 Whitegate End EYFS are bucket fillers because...

"We play with kind hands"

"We read stories to our friends"

"Have good manners and share"

"We smile at people"


Week 1

Wow what an exciting first week?! The children have spent the week familiarising themselves with the routines, rules and boundaries within the EYFS setting. We were super impressed to see so many children having a go at self registration and coming into school with a smile ready for the day. We started each morning with a circle time discussing how to keep safe and completing the Early Years Safety Checklist. We had group tours around the various areas within the classrooms and have begun to explore the exciting resources. We had so much fun making self portraits in the 'make it' area and everyone looked super smart so we had our pictures taken too!